Friday, January 29, 2010

A more proffesional way: ClickBank

The real deal!
ClickBank is the most used method of making money online I know in Internet Marketing. And it is because it actually can be used as a second job, with a little more work. And it's not for cheap bucks, like CashCrate, this one is for real job-like income. And if you're tired of your boss and you really work good, then you can even quit your current job, because I've seen people make a couple of thousands of dollars per month out of this one!

But just don't get too excited yet. Don't forget, this is real life, you actually have to WORK and BUILD YOUR WAY UP to make that money. You won't be earning thousands from your first week. As I said earlier, it just does not work like this. Like the torrent, you start with very low or none income in the first couple of weeks, when all you do is work a couple of hours a day. Only after you finish your main site and your SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization; I'll explain this later), you will start making money, and depending on what you sell and how you promote it, you may be earning BIG money.

Of course there is a variable chance for something to not sell well, but this shouldn't discourage you! Not everything sells like hot-fresh bread. And you'll earn experience, which is way more valuable than money, because experience can be turned into money! Here's a good quote:

"I'm not afraid to fall,
To fall is not to fail,
You fail when you don't try,
I'm not afraid to fall,
I might just learn to fly!"

Going back to topic. ClickBank is a site where big brands don't want to spend enormous amounts of money on other ways of advertising, so they pay Affiliates, which means people who are willing to advertise the product, with a Commission, usually between 50-75% of each product sold. So this way, if you're an affiliate, you make money for each product you sell. And they have a way to do this which can't be easier! They just give you a link to the actual product, and you need to make that link public.

But here comes the real question: HOW can I make people buy or at least see that product? There are many different ways you can do this. One is just giving the link to every person you know, and convince them to buy it. But that's not going to work very well. The most popular one is to make your own site, write about the product like your entire life depends on this site and then make it public through SEO.

So, what exactly Search Engine Optimization means? It basically means you have to do 'stuff' to make your site rank in top 2 pages of Google search. The quick way to do this is through PPC (pay per click), a method which will give you instant feedback and pageviews, but I don't recommend it if you're a newbie, because it will cost you money. The real SEO procedure is to make your site popular through advertising it yourself, with tons of work, and although results are seen in time, this will put your business on autopilot for a while.

I will be writing some guides to make those. In the meantime, I can recommend you some good books and a video guide for newbies for making money online through ClickBank. They are very good books, they will teach you step by step on how to start and sustain your business.

- The Newbie Workbook for Success - by Bryan Zimmerman
This is a very simple 30 days step by step guide which will teach you everything you need to do to start earning pretty good money, and this without spending a cent! The book is designed in a neat way, structured on days, where it tells you what to do in each of these 30 days, and it also has a DONE field where you can check each task you completed. It offers some really good info on tools and sites you'll use.
You can find the first 4 chapters FREE in the link.

-Cell Phone Treasure - Make Money With Cell Phones!
You don't actually need a cell phone for this one. This is a step-by-step video guide which is somewhat like the Newbie Workbook, but this one focuses on mobile phones. "Remember how I mentioned that there are currently over 4.6 billion cell phone users? Well, inside Cell Phone Treasure I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to get a big chunk of that to see your affiliate link and click on it!"

-And the last but not least is Newbies Guide To Online Fortunes
This actually isn't a book about ClickBank itself, rather in this book you will find pretty much everything you need to know about Internet Marketing to begin your business. It treats a vast variety of subjects, not only Affiliate marketing, but even selling your own product. And it even gives you examples of people who succeeded and their sites, and what you can learn from them.

Above that, ClickBank offers you a 60 days, 100% money refund in case you decide those three e-books don't suit you for any reason.

So what are you waiting for? Start your ClickBank Affiliate business now!

PS: Please leave a comment about how was your reaction and excitement when you made your first sale!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


One of the quick make money sites I found out to not be a scam is CashCrate . You fill in surveys, invite friends to play a game on Facebook or register on some sites to get money. You don't get to much, but if you play 10-15 minutes on this site per day, you actually get some profit.

If you live in US, Canada or UK, this is a gold mine. It also works in other countries, but they don't have that much offers. Yet you can make profit from the referral program.

They also have one of the highest profit referral program, and the more users you "lure" to your site, the more profit you get. Let's say you manage to get 10 friends to play on this site, and they make 10$ of profit, you get 20%*10$*10 and 3$*10 bonus. This means 50$ from just 10 friends who make a profit of 10$. That's pretty much for just inviting friends on facebook or filling up surveys.
You get checks every time you make $20, or whatever amount you fill in the settings every 15th day of each month. After you invite 50 active referrals, you get the money on every 1st day of each month and you earn 5% more from each referral.

This is a great way to start, you feel like you get money for what you do from the start. This is just enough to "contaminate" yourself with the make money online free virus and makes you want to start some real business.

Just make sure you make yourself another e-mail just for this, so you won't get bothered by the spam.
Happy fill-in!


Wake up! Those are everywhere. If those things were real, how come the world isn't full of such millionaires? The only rich are the ones who are selling this junk!

Do you really believe in this? I mean, yeah it looks very eye-catching, but you say "Nooo, that's a joke!". Yet you still click it, just to see the fairy tale inside. And then you get attracted by the seemingly cheap offer, "small pay big return", and you actually start thinking of buying it. That's marketing! Of course you know you won't make that much money, but you still click it just for a sneak peek and eventually finish off by trying it. You find out that it doesn't work like they promised, and you start again searching for another way of making money. Then you get attracted again by another very pleasing offer, and you fall in the net. And you continue doing this and making no progress. You finally get fed up, and stop everything you were doing.

My advice is stay away from those ads! That's not the way you should start! 50.000$ with just a couple of minutes per day is just a dream, the end. 1500-2000$/month with a heapload of 3-4 or even 5 hours a day of work sounds more realistic, yet you still need to know exactly what you are doing. And even that doesn't happen over night. Have you ever downloaded a big torrent? Did you notice how it starts very slow, from 1-5KB/s and then in a couple of minutes reaches big speeds? That's exactly how this business works, unless you are a genius or are very lucky. If you manage to make 2-300$ bucks in your very first week of work, then you should definitely try your luck at the lottery, you may have big chances of winning.
Back to topic, you should focus only on one ore two ways of making money. And if you fail selling a cr*ppy product, don't give up! Not everything works, you know. And yet, the ultimate cr*p being sold is infinitely better than a perfect product which never hit the market.

Conclusion: Stay away from very good, legendary make money offers because chances are they really are just a legend!

Make money with Your Blog, and not only!

Just about any webspace you own works! Some of money making gurus won't agree with me for this one, but here it is.

I am sure most of you have seen one of these annoying boxes before.

Most of you bloggers know this one, but for those who don't, have you ever clicked the "Convert to money" button when you post something? It's a very neat way to get some profit from your blog, you just put one or two of these annoying boxes on your page and if you're lucky, people will click them and you get money!

Though, you don't make a lot of money from it. Unless you have a very visited blog and if people are actually interested in the content of the advertisement. But surely, little money is better than no money! But ad-blockers are more and more popular since, for example they block those annoying boxes from interrupting you when you view something on YouTube. Above that, you get just a couple of cents from one click, but this depends on the amount of clicks/pageviews, (income/pageviews)*1000 to be more exact..

But the good part out of this is, it costs you nothing! Just a couple of minutes to register and configure your ad-box on Google Adsense and that's all!

So, if you already have a visited site, and you want to start making some profit out of it, this is an easy way to start! Just make sure you DO NOT encourage people on clicking your links, since this is prohibited by Google. Also, don't click your own ads, because that is called swindle!
And you want to put them somewhere where it won't bother people, but in the same time pop in their eyes, so they read them accidentally. Remember: respect your customers to respect yourself!
Happy money making!

Hello World!

Are you in search of a way to make money online? Look no further.

More and more people are starting on-line businesses, trying to make some quick money or even hoping to make a fortune, one that will make them quit their jobs. But how many of you actually managed to make some profit?

A lot of people enter this world with excitement and hope, but when they actually start one way or another, reality crashes on them fast! They have little or (rarely) none income, they have difficulties advertising the product they are offering, getting on top 10 in google or yahoo searches, or even finding a hard way to actually decide on what type of product to sell, and when I say product, I mean anything, from web-space with advertisements allover their pages to actual physical products like books or computer hardware. Most of newbies get confused and very frustrated by the heavy load of information they are fired at, and give up just because they don't know how to start.

In this blog I will tell you some of the ways to make money over the internet, and most of them require just a computer, an internet connection and little knowledge of how things work. Hopefully, I will lighten your things up entering this world of money.

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