Wednesday, January 27, 2010


One of the quick make money sites I found out to not be a scam is CashCrate . You fill in surveys, invite friends to play a game on Facebook or register on some sites to get money. You don't get to much, but if you play 10-15 minutes on this site per day, you actually get some profit.

If you live in US, Canada or UK, this is a gold mine. It also works in other countries, but they don't have that much offers. Yet you can make profit from the referral program.

They also have one of the highest profit referral program, and the more users you "lure" to your site, the more profit you get. Let's say you manage to get 10 friends to play on this site, and they make 10$ of profit, you get 20%*10$*10 and 3$*10 bonus. This means 50$ from just 10 friends who make a profit of 10$. That's pretty much for just inviting friends on facebook or filling up surveys.
You get checks every time you make $20, or whatever amount you fill in the settings every 15th day of each month. After you invite 50 active referrals, you get the money on every 1st day of each month and you earn 5% more from each referral.

This is a great way to start, you feel like you get money for what you do from the start. This is just enough to "contaminate" yourself with the make money online free virus and makes you want to start some real business.

Just make sure you make yourself another e-mail just for this, so you won't get bothered by the spam.
Happy fill-in!

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