Friday, January 14, 2011


Sorry for the big delay, I've been busy with school and exams, and I didn't get any time to write over here.

In the meantime, here's a quick money site for long term income, a paid to click site, Neobux.

You enter every day for 3 minutes and make 4 clicks, which give you 4 cents. If you are lucky, you get an extended ad, which gives you 2 cents instead of 1.
After you make some money (or if you want to invest from the start), you can rent a referal for 30 days with 25c, which is another person using Neobux clicking and making his own little busyness. You will recieve 0.5 cents for every click he makes, or 1 cent if you buy a Golden package. Think like this: after a couple of months, you will have a dozens of referals clicking for themselfs and indirectly for you, thus making you big amounts of money. You ought to click your ads everyday, or you won't recieve referal clicks! This little thing grows exponentialy!

My advice is to buy your first 3 referals with money made right there, then maybe another three before thinking of investing, to get the hang of it. Of course, you can give it a long shot by just advancing with the money you make there. :)

I have seen people make 20 000$ in 1 year from my country, another one making a simmilar amount with direct referals only! Direct referals are referals which register using your name as refered, thus making him your for life. You make them by encouraging people to register using your name as refered, so if you have a website it should be pretty easy.
You sure need to try this little thing.

Here's the banner again:

You can also advertise your site right there, paying a small fee for up to 5000 clicks. But be aware, theese go out in an instant, because ads other than your daily ones sells like fresh fish! It might result in a huge traffic increase for a small amount of time.

Happy clicking!

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