Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Wake up! Those are everywhere. If those things were real, how come the world isn't full of such millionaires? The only rich are the ones who are selling this junk!

Do you really believe in this? I mean, yeah it looks very eye-catching, but you say "Nooo, that's a joke!". Yet you still click it, just to see the fairy tale inside. And then you get attracted by the seemingly cheap offer, "small pay big return", and you actually start thinking of buying it. That's marketing! Of course you know you won't make that much money, but you still click it just for a sneak peek and eventually finish off by trying it. You find out that it doesn't work like they promised, and you start again searching for another way of making money. Then you get attracted again by another very pleasing offer, and you fall in the net. And you continue doing this and making no progress. You finally get fed up, and stop everything you were doing.

My advice is stay away from those ads! That's not the way you should start! 50.000$ with just a couple of minutes per day is just a dream, the end. 1500-2000$/month with a heapload of 3-4 or even 5 hours a day of work sounds more realistic, yet you still need to know exactly what you are doing. And even that doesn't happen over night. Have you ever downloaded a big torrent? Did you notice how it starts very slow, from 1-5KB/s and then in a couple of minutes reaches big speeds? That's exactly how this business works, unless you are a genius or are very lucky. If you manage to make 2-300$ bucks in your very first week of work, then you should definitely try your luck at the lottery, you may have big chances of winning.
Back to topic, you should focus only on one ore two ways of making money. And if you fail selling a cr*ppy product, don't give up! Not everything works, you know. And yet, the ultimate cr*p being sold is infinitely better than a perfect product which never hit the market.

Conclusion: Stay away from very good, legendary make money offers because chances are they really are just a legend!

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